Unified Retail Always Keeps Customers

Have you ever wondered how big brands always seem to be winning customers? It's not just about having deep pockets but about investing in the right tools.

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Customers shop across multiple channels

In today's omnichannel buying environment, it's crucial to ensure your business is visible across all relevant channels where customers discover, compare, review, and purchase products.

Customers discover brands and products in various ways: outlet shopping, search engines, marketplaces, social media feeds, and live streams. Each channel has its own audience, which you don't want to miss.
Interest, Consideration
Customers continue to seek more information online. Maintaining a strong presence and consistent exposure across all channels is crucial to retain their interest and move towards a purchase decision.
Buying, Loyalty, and Advocacy
Right after a purchase is the best time to begin building a relationship and fostering loyalty. It will encourage repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing. Never overlook this critical phase in your retail strategies.

Empower each outlet with digital capabilities

Retail outlets possess unique experiential advantages that e-commerce cannot replicate. Enhance each outlet with digital capabilities to forge stronger customer relationships.

Cross-Outlet Membership
Enabling outlets to recognize returning customers, whether they shopped at other outlets or online, gives staff access to purchase histories and membership benefits, helping them better serve customers.
Cross-Outlet Inventory
Cross-outlet selling allows staff to check available stock from other outlets and take orders even when items are out of stock locally. This improves staff performance, customer experience, and satisfaction.
All Outlets Drive Online Sales
Equip each outlet with unique trackable links so that outlet staff can facilitate online purchases. This strategy provides a Unified Customer Experience (UCX) and boosts customer retention and repeat sales.

Foster returning sales and greater profit margin

Since it costs about seven times (7X) more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, directing your marketing efforts towards familiar customers rather than new ones is financially sensible.

Shopping at Customers' Fingertips
Shopping App puts your mobile store at your customers' fingertips. There's no need for them to remember URLs; they're always signed in for quick and easy browsing, shopping, and checking their membership benefits.
Targeted Broadcast Messaging
Reach customers directly through their preferred messaging channels, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Shopping App. Keep them engaged with updates about new products, store openings, or other news.
Loyalty Points and Vouchers
Loyalty points and discount vouchers are essential in today's market not only to encourage repeat purchases but also to show appreciation to your customers, especially when usable both online and offline.

Eliminate the lines between online
and offline

A good strategy cannot succeed without the right tools. We prioritize both online and offline equally, ensuring consistency in the experience for customers and staff. This brings the business to the next level.

Unified Membership & Loyalty Program
Customer frustration arises when their membership benefits are restricted by location or channel. A unified membership and loyalty program removes these barriers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
Unified Product & Inventory
Manage products and inventory effortlessly across all sales channels. An integrated system allows for centralized control of both outlet and online inventories, ensuring a smooth operation.
Unified Performance & Incentives
Track performance and align incentives across all outlets, staff members, and channels, ensuring everyone is motivated towards common goals. This unified approach enhances overall business efficiency.

Minimize capital investment in your expansions

A unified solution not only optimizes your resources but also increases the flexibility of your strategies. Move fast and expand swiftly with the right tools to help you outpace the competition.

Flexible Hardware Investments
The flexible POS, which runs on devices like phones and tablets, allows you to extend your reach to exhibitions, bazaars, and pop-up stores without heavy investment in costly and bulky POS hardware.
Smart Inventory Investments
By adopting a cross-outlet inventory selling strategy, you can minimize the investment in initial stock levels at new locations. Rely on centralized inventory to substantially reduce capital outlays for new stores.
Strategic Space Investments
Utilizing a cross-outlet selling strategy enables retailers to operate in smaller spaces more efficiently, minimizing excess inventory and optimizing the use of retail space, thereby enhancing Sales-Per-Square-Foot.

Unified everything in
one place, for your business

A unified back office boosts management efficiency and embraces UCX (Unified Customer Experience) to enhance the customer journey. This unified approach ensures customers enjoy a consistent and satisfying experience with your brand across all touchpoints.

Inspiring merchant stories

  • Miss Shortcakes | EasyStore
    After using EasyStore, everything is more convenient as everything is under one roof. I can get to serve the customers that walked in to my physical store and at the same time, they can also order from my online store.
    Miss Shortcakes Jessica — Brand Founder
  • AkuDesign | EasyStore
    EasyStore has transformed the way we interact with our customers. It's streamlined our inventory management and integrated all sales channels, enhancing customer satisfaction across the board.
    AkuDesign Amirel Amen bin Anuar — Brand Founder

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