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Over 10,000 Malaysian brands grow their business by unifying retail and ecommerce with unified customer experience (UCX).

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Unifying <br> retail and ecommerce | EasyStore
Unifying <br> retail and ecommerce | EasyStore
Unifying <br> retail and ecommerce | EasyStore
Unifying <br> retail and ecommerce | EasyStore

Unified Customer Experience, UCX


consumers are more likely to shop with retailers that use technology to enhance the unified customer experience (UCX).


increase in average customer spending after embracing an unified customer experience (UCX) strategy.


higher customer retention rate for businesses adopting unified customer experience (UCX) approach.

Unified Website & App

Shopping Freedom

Allow customers the freedom to choose their shopping environment, whether it's via app, mobile, or web. They'll appreciate the seamless experience, enhancing their loyalty to your brand.

Brand discovery
Establish an online store for seamless product discovery, enabling customers to find and engage through search engine queries.
Shop on the go
Carry your store in your customers' pockets with brand member app. It invites them to shop at their convenience, anytime, and anywhere.
Cross-device shopping
Customers shop seamlessly across devices, with the cart ready to complete curated selections as they effortlessly switch from one device to another.
Unified Email & Phone

Passwordless Buying

Give customers a hassle-free login option with either email or mobile number. A smoother entry can lead to quicker decision-making and purchases.

Account auto detection
Hassle-free login experience. It guides through a quick sign-up or seamless log in, eliminating the need for customers to remember their account status.
Custom login options
Unlock unparalleled convenience for customers with the option to log in via email or phone, providing a flexible experience tailored to individual preferences.
Skip the guesswork
Ease the worries when customers forget their password or email – they can verify their identity through OTP code for instant account access.
Unified First & Repeat Orders

Rapid Shopping Journey

Valuing a customer's time by saving their shipping details creates an effortless repurchasing experience. It subtly encourages more frequent orders and enhances their overall satisfaction.

Account-less purchase
Let customers shop instantly without having to log in, while account holders enjoy the added benefit of automatic post-purchase points crediting.
Speedy repurchase
Customers can easily revisit and repurchase their favourites without additional searches, with the added convenience of auto-filled delivery details.
Personalized address book
Dont have to retype for another delivery details, just select from address book for delivery details change
Unified Shipping & Pickup

Deliver Excitement Anywhere

Meet customers exactly where they are. Whether they prefer home deliveries or in-store pickups, accommodate their needs. This flexibility can be the deciding factor in a purchase.

Tailor shipping way
Customer can tailor their shopping experience preferences—select the delivery date and time that suits best, along with the pace of desire, whether it's standard or express delivery, for a truly personalized and convenient service.
Scheduling pick up
Enhance customers' convenience with the option to pick up order in-store or specified pick-up point with preferred date and time, providing a flexible solution for those whose condos or offices may not accommodate parcel deliveries.
Real-time notification
Keep customers informed every step of the way. They will receive timely notifications with a tracking link once the parcel is dispatched, or be notified when it is ready for pick up.
Unified Online & Offline

The Path to Lasting Loyalty

Ensure customers never feel a jarring difference between online and offline shopping. Offering a harmonized experience builds trust and keeps them returning to your brand.

Digital member card
Your customers no longer need to carry physical cards; a simple display of their member app with a barcode showcasing their membership ID is all it takes for staff to recognize and identify them.
Member-only benefits
Customers experience personalized perks at every tier—enjoy tailored benefits that evolve with your loyalty, inspiring them to ascend to higher tier for an even richer and more rewarding experience.
Member points and vouchers
Customers will enjoy the flexibility of using vouchers and points, whether they're at your outlets or online channels, making the membership experience unified and rewarding across all outlets and online store.
Unified Retail & Ecommerce

Different Staff, Same Experience

Present a consistent face to your customers, whether they're walking into a store or clicking on a site. This elevates their shopping experience but also solidifies your brand's reputation.

Register in a blink
Bypass the cumbersome traditional sign-up process – customers becoming member is as swift as providing their phone number, making registration a breeze.
Member identifier
Customers can showcase their membership using the member app barcode or provide phone number for your staff to easily recognize and identify the valued members.
In-store reservation
In the event of an item being out of stock at an outlet, your staff can assist customers in reserving items, allowing them to conveniently collect their desired products from another available outlet.

The Desired
Unified Shopping Experience

The end goal is to provide a seamless shopping journey where customers effortlessly find consistent product and service offerings across multiple sales channels, enhance their convenience, encourage frequent returns, and expand your brand's presence.

Sell on your branded online store

Your online store with own domain is optimized for search engines and easy to set up without any coding required. This makes it easier for customers to purchase products from you online and also facilitates the collection of first-party customer data.
Sell on your branded online store | EasyStore

Sell on social media and marketplaces

Expand your reach through popular channels such as Shopee, TikTok, and Facebook Live, to secure new sales and turn them into loyal customers through unified customer experience (UCX).

Unlock foot traffic in your retail space

Leverage in-store vouchers, new arrivals, and other promotions to attract customers back to your physical locations, boosting foot traffic and increasing upselling opportunities.

First-party data anytime, anywhere

Turn any device into a Point-of-Sale (POS), facilitating transactions and collecting first-party customer data, all while seamlessly merging online and offline sales reports.
First-party data anytime, anywhere | EasyStore

Unified membership and rewards

With a single membership program, you can automate membership rules and give customers the flexibility to earn and use rewards in both online and offline.

Smart Retargeting with Actionable Insights

We gather information encompassing customer purchase history, behaviours, and preferences, translating these details into invaluable insights that empower targeted retargeting strategies for your business.
It's not just a platform; it's been a lifeline that has transformed my entire entrepreneurial journey in fashion industry. I never imagined I could achieve 300% growth in such a short time. Amirel | EasyStore
Founder of Akudesign

Unified everything for retail and ecommerce in one place

A Unified Back Office streamlines administrative tasks and centralizes operational functions for greater efficiency and coordination.

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