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Supercharge Your Marketing on <b>Google</b> | EasyStore

Why connect Google Shopping on EasyStore

  •  Reach billions of qualified customers  | EasyStore
    Reach billions of qualified customers

    Google is the most popular search engine to make your product more searchable from potential customers online. Hence, featuring your products on google as well as other sales channels on EasyStore to achieve unlimited product exposure.

  •  Increase your business's visibility with SEM  | EasyStore
    Increase your business's visibility with SEM

    SEM is a great way to bring in customers that are more likely to purchase from you as they already know what they are looking for from the search results. EasyStore's SEO editor helps you see rises in search results ranking for better keyword targeting.

  •  Speed up your <b>Google Ads</b> setup process  | EasyStore
    Speed up your Google Ads setup process

    Get rid of the single product upload! Link your product from EasyStore to Google Merchant Center in a few clicks. It helps to save 70% time and resources to set up Google Shopping ads.

How EasyStore Google Shopping grows your business

  •  One-click integration with Google  | EasyStore
    One-click integration with Google

    Connect your product catalog to Google Merchant Center with EasyStore in one click. With this, any changes made on EasyStore will be reflected on Google.

  •  Traceable product sync status  | EasyStore
    Traceable product sync status

    Quit manually sync sales channel data for a complete business view. Instead, you can automatically sync product information from EasyStore to Google Merchant Center in real-time.

  •  Automated stock management  | EasyStore
    Automated stock management

    Updating inventory details is often a hassle. Once integrated with Google, your entire inventory count is automatically updated for Google Merchant Center and other sales channels.

How it works

  •  1. Upload your products |  EasyStore
    1. Upload your products
  •  2. Connect to Google Merchant Center |  EasyStore
    2. Connect to Google Merchant Center
  •  3. Start selling on Google |  EasyStore
    3. Start selling on Google

Meet the Google Family

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  •  Google Analytics 4 |  EasyStore
    Google Analytics 4

    Give essential insights to understand customers' preference and create a better shopping experience

  •  Google Tag Manager |  EasyStore
    Google Tag Manager

    Allow you to easily and quickly update measurement codes (known as tags) on your website.

  •  Google Adwords Tracking |  EasyStore
    Google Adwords Tracking

    Track the action of a person has performed on your website after clicking on your ads.

  •  Google Webmaster |  EasyStore
    Google Webmaster

    Provide insights and to uncover issues that need fixing for your website, important for marketers.