Fulfill Orders The Way Customers Prefer

Enhance the shopping experience of your customers with flexible shipping solutions, custom rates, and efficient warehousing on a streamlined platform.

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Fulfill Orders The Way Customers Prefer | EasyStore

Shipping options in EasyStore

  •  Delivery |  EasyStore

    Offer your customers the shipping method they desire the most in your store. For example same-day delivery, cash on delivery, standard delivery.

  •  Pick up |  EasyStore
    Pick up

    You can provide the pickup option for customers to come and get their orders at your retail store, pick up point, or any place that you choose.

  •  Warehousing |  EasyStore

    Your products are stored in a warehouse until the customer has placed an order. And the order will be directly sent to the customer from the warehouse.

  •  Custom shipping |  EasyStore
    Custom shipping

    You can customize shipping rate on any product type and set multiple shipping rates today on product, location or combo of both.

How it works

  •  Customers place orders  | EasyStore
    Customers place orders
  •  Fulfill your orders   | EasyStore
    Fulfill your orders
  •  Auto-update order status  | EasyStore
    Auto-update order status

How EasyStore shipping options help

  •  Manage All Shipments on One Platform  | EasyStore
    Manage All Shipments on One Platform

    We provide a centralised platform for you to simplify shipping procedure such as recording orders, keep tracking of inventory, printing packing slip across all sales channels.

  •  Automate Shipping Procedure  | EasyStore
    Automate Shipping Procedure

    Speed up your order management efficiency with our shipping integrations. From payment confirmation to order shipment, they will get notifications on every action made to their orders.

  •  Bulk Print Packing <br> Slip  | EasyStore
    Bulk Print Packing

    Identify and pack your orders correctly with the printable packing slip. This helps you pack and ship efficiently using your preferred logistics solutions. It includes the product's name, price, and Barcode.

  •  Auto-Generated Air Waybill (AWB)  | EasyStore
    Auto-Generated Air Waybill (AWB)

    Save time and avoid human errors during the fulfillment by attaching an auto-generated AWB or shipping label. You can directly attach it before you ship it out.

  •  Flexibility To Set Shipping Fees  | EasyStore
    Flexibility To Set Shipping Fees

    Freely create any shipping condition on the orders including free shipping, flat rate, or pick up. Shipping rates will be auto-calculated based on totals, weight, quantity of the products customers buy.

  •  Provide Multiple Shipping Options  | EasyStore
    Provide Multiple Shipping Options

    Offer your shipping options that suit business needs like standard delivery, pickup, warehousing. Create an easy and flexible shopping experience to satisfy every customer that wants to make a purchase.

  •  Customise Email Templates  | EasyStore
    Customise Email Templates

    EasyStore can automatically notify customers by email with shipping status update, tracking number, or even review requests. You can also constantly engage with customers like Mailchimp, Smartarget, OneWaySMS.

  •  Set Up <br>Taxes  | EasyStore
    Set Up

    Define any number of tax rates and apply them in the checkout. You can decide own tax calculation in different countries or regions. *Consult your tax advisor to understand which options would work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does order fulfillment include shipping?

    Order fulfillment covers the whole process which started when an order is placed all the way through delivery to your customers. Yes, shipping is part of the order fulfillment.

  • How do I provide free shipping to my customers?

    You can offer free shippings in a few ways:
    Free shipping for a specific product Free shipping for total order amount

  • How do I add shipping services for different region or country?

    You can create two or more shipping methods in the Shippings of your EasyStore dashboard. This way you can specify and display different shipping rates at checkout for different region or country.

    For example:
    West Malaysia - Cash on delivery - RM8
    Singapore - Flat rate - $5

  • Can I set pickup option in my store?

    You can offer a pickup option with multiple locations, like your retail store or pickup point.

  • Can customers authorise someone else to pick up their order?

    Customers can choose 'Someone will pick up the order' option when they fill in shipping details at checkout. They will need to fill in the details of the authorised person so you can identify and hand it to them.

  • How to apply a shipping fee per item?

    You can set up different shipping fees based on:
    weight item quantity flat rate per order flat rate per item

  • How do I notify customers of their order status?

    EasyStore will automatically send order status email notification after they've made a purchase from you.

  • Can I print the air waybill(AWB) or shipping label in bulk?

    Once the orders are paid, you can choose multiple orders and print their air waybill all at once to save time during the fulfillment progress.