Commerce journey beyond borders

Expand to global market in minutes with our Crossborder Ecommerce solution.

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Commerce journey <b>beyond borders</b> | EasyStore

3 in 4 shoppers purchase from
crossborder brands

Take this chance to gain widespread exposure and reach millions of customers globally!

  • Unlimited Market Expansion

    Selling beyond borders opens doors to diverse customer bases, driving growth and profitability.

  • Earn in Strong Global Currencies

    Take advantage of favorable exchange rates to maximize your revenue potential.

  • Secure Financial Stability

    Diversify income sources to safeguard your business against economic uncertainties.

3 in 4 shoppers purchase from <br class="show-desktop"> crossborder brands | EasyStore

What you need to consider when expanding globally

  •  Localised Customer Shopping Experience  | EasyStore
    Localised Customer Shopping Experience

    Tailored shopping experiences reflecting local preferences and cultural norms.

  •  Secure Global Payment Solutions  | EasyStore
    Secure Global Payment Solutions

    Providing safe and convenient payment options for customers worldwide.

  •  Efficient International Doorstep Delivery  | EasyStore
    Efficient International Doorstep Delivery

    Streamlined global shipping for timely and reliable deliveries.

  •  Legal and Regulatory Compliance  | EasyStore
    Legal and Regulatory Compliance

    Ensuring adherence to diverse international laws and regulations.

The complete solution to achieve global success

  •  Single Unified Back Office |  EasyStore
    Single Unified Back Office

    Add and manage your products to sell in multiple countries from a Single Unified Back Office.

  •  Multi-currency Pricing  |  EasyStore
    Multi-currency Pricing

    Display prices in multi-currency so that customers can browse and purchase in their local currencies.

  •  Customisable Tax Profiles |  EasyStore
    Customisable Tax Profiles

    Easily set up tax rates for the countries you sell to and ship, ensuring compliance and seamless international transactions.

  •  International Payment  |  EasyStore
    International Payment

    Seamlessly integrate with payment gateways enabling you to accept payments in various currencies.

  •  International Shipping  |  EasyStore
    International Shipping

    Integrate with international shipping providers for reliable worldwide doorstep delivery.

  •  Global Membership Program |  EasyStore
    Global Membership Program

    Build a thriving global community with our unified loyalty program, uniting your customers across borders!

How Rebult Keyboards
sell to 54 countries in just 1 year

Rebult Keyboards is one of the first vendors of mechanical keyboard switches, kits, and parts in Malaysia, serving a worldwide audience today.

"One of our favourite features, which we like, is the ease of use and how easy it was to get started.

Just choose a template, fill in particulars and you can get everything up and running quite quickly!

EasyStore's plans allow users to start small and scale up eventually when you require more premium features."

Rebult Keyboards Jimmy Tee — Co-founder
 | EasyStore
2x Average Basket Size
4x Annual Revenue Growth
51% Repeat Purchase Rate
128% Customer Base Growth
  • One Catalogue, Seven Sales Channels

    Rebult Keyboards syncs products across all activated sales channels, including Shopee and social media channels with EasyStore's Single Unified Back Office.

  • Unified Loyalty Program

    Rebult Keyboards' customer-centric reward system fosters loyalty and drives repeat sales worldwide, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term success.

  • Multi-Currency Payment Methods

    Rebult Keyboards' online store seamlessly connects with international payment gateways, enabling transactions in major global currencies like USD, EUR, AUD, and more!

 | EasyStore

Crossborder opportunity in 2023

Sell to Taiwan with Malaysia Select

Scale your business with cross-border success, reaching millions of Taiwanese customers through Malaysia Select.

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Application closes 31/8/2023

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      Sell to Taiwan with <b class='text-ms-yellow'>Malaysia Select</b>
     | EasyStore

Our solutions beyond crossborder

  • Ecommerce and Retail Management

    Manage marketplaces, online stores, and retail businesses effortlessly in one unified platform, streamlining inventory, orders, sales, and customer management.

  • Pop-Up Store Ready Solution

    Sell anywhere, anytime with EasyStore mPOS system. Whether it's at pop-up stores, markets, or retail outlets, use your phones, tablets, or terminals to conduct transactions.

  • Unified Membership Program

    Reward your valued customers with membership-based perks such as points, gifts, discounts, and vouchers, fostering long-term relationships to generate more repeat purchases.

Our solutions beyond crossborder | EasyStore

Inspiring merchant stories

  • AkuDesign | EasyStore
    EasyStore has transformed the way we interact with our customers. It's streamlined our inventory management and integrated all sales channels, enhancing customer satisfaction across the board.
    AkuDesign Amirel Amen bin Anuar — Brand Founder
  • Baron & Co | EasyStore
    EasyStore allows me to manage our ecommerce efficiently from my mobile phone, improving our responsiveness and providing a superior customer experience.
    Baron & Co Rosalyn — Brand Founder