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Turn <b>customer conversations</b> into sales | EasyStore

Do business with customer favorite chat apps

  •  Higher conversion rate  | EasyStore
    Higher conversion rate

    Interacting with customers leads to understanding their needs and can offer the products that satisfy their needs.

  •  Reduce cart abandonment  | EasyStore
    Reduce cart abandonment

    Keeping customers engaged and providing advice with order form can let customers focused on completing their purchases.

  •  Target different customers  | EasyStore
    Target different customers

    You can have different targeted sets of products that matched their preferences to motivate their buying intention.

  •  Encourage repeat purchases  | EasyStore
    Encourage repeat purchases

    The ability to understand your customer often follows by greater customer satisfaction.

  •  Auto-collect order details  | EasyStore
    Auto-collect order details

    All information is automatically stored which enables you to access, review, and learn customers’ spending behaviour.


Convert your WhatsApp conversation into sales. EasyStore WhatsApp Order Form helps to collect payment and gather customer information. It is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos. The familiarities of WhatsApp interface encourages your customers to buy the products straight away.

WhatsApp | EasyStore


Attract more customers on WeChat moment. Share your EasyStore WeChat Order Form on the moment to encourage your customers to buy the products straight away. It shows your products' name, price, and photos to let them browse and shop your products without leaving WeChat.

WeChat | EasyStore


Speed up your sales conversion on Telegram messenger. EasyStore Telegram Order Form equipped with sales order processing automation, complimented automated data and payment collection that enhanced customers' checkout experience.

Telegram | EasyStore

Essential features of chat commerce

  •  Easy to set up  | EasyStore
    Easy to set up

    Just one minute and you can start selling right away now with a customizable order form, including your business name, product list and etc.

  •  Familiar interface  | EasyStore
    Familiar interface

    Closing a deal is all about timing, where this minimizes the time for your customers to explore the new interface.

  •  Referral program  | EasyStore
    Referral program

    Encourage more people to promote your products with referrals incentive via order form.

  •  Abandoned order recovery  | EasyStore
    Abandoned order recovery

    Get in touch with intended to buy customers by sending reminders on the order that they didn’t complete.

  •  Real-time notifications  | EasyStore
    Real-time notifications

    Get notified on our Mobile App whenever an order is placed.

  •  Multi-Currency  | EasyStore

    These order forms support multicurrency based on your customers' location.

  •  Manage order anywhere  | EasyStore
    Manage order anywhere

    Quickly access to order form on your mobile devices to tailor the best order form according to your customer's needs.

Inspiring merchant stories

  • Darasara | EasyStore
    EasyStore has simplified our operations by organizing customer data from various platforms, significantly improving our customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
    Darasara Raushan Yuzer — Brand Founder
  • Hermanas | EasyStore
    Switching to EasyStore has drastically improved how we manage customer interactions, providing a streamlined and satisfying shopping experience.
    Hermanas Jue — Brand Founder