Beware of Scammers-2

By Vincent Leong · 1st March, 2022

Beware of Scammers-2 | EasyStore

We would like to inform members of the public of a new variant fraud involving a certain party has begun fraudulently using EasyStore’s name and business reputation as the basis for their attempts at fraud.

In their attempt to fraud, there are few variants with their approach, where victim would be approached on social media or attracted to ads promoting part-time job to earn money quickly using EasyStore’s name, logo and images without our consent, branding themselves as our marketing partner to help SME to boost their sales and rating.

Generally, scammers will instruct victims to purchase products and offer a return with 10 -13% commission, and the amount of goods will be refunded to the victims within few minutes after the KPIs were met.

By falling to the trap, victim would need to sign up to the said program and participate in the “part time job”. They will either add you onto a WhatsApp group or a signup to a link (e.g. 

*Note: this is not an official URL from EasyStore.

Please be aware that ????????? ???? ??? ??????? and has ????? ??????? ???? ??? ??????? ?????????? in regards of the above offer, aside from our core focus to providing an all-in-one ecommerce platform. Meanwhile, scams come in many shapes and forms – please let us know if you have come across any attempts of fraud using EasyStore’s name and kindly follow these guidelines to identify any suspicious activity.

?Common types of fraud indicators:

?Unsolicited call or message from unknown agency

?Offers that sound too good to be true

?Social media account that has low engagement and quality content

?Official website that lacks of reliable content details

?No proven track of customers testimonials

If notice any of the above measures, then they are deemed not legit. Kindly double check with us before becoming the next victim unknowingly.

If the public comes across any form of financial fraud, they are advised to file a report to the local authority. You can also call the hotline if you suspect someone is trying to scam you or simply to ask for advice.

Malaysia hotline maintained by Royal Malaysian Police’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department CCID.

*Call 03-26101559 or 03-26101599 (8 am–8 pm daily)

This is a dedicated hotline

Singapore hotline  maintained by the police and the National Crime Prevention Council for victims of scams in Singapore.

*Call 1800-722-6688